Would you like to write for us?

The Spin Alley is always on the look out for witty, opinionated and entertaining posts on the world of media, pr, politics, marketing, news and general spin.

Whilst we won’t be able to pay you at the moment, we can give you the satisfaction of ridding yourself of that giant rant you maybe brewing. However, we are kind souls and if it’s appropriate we will provide you with a link to your own site or blog.

Note that we won’t just take anything and we can’t guarantee that we will publish what you’ve submitted.  

A few house rules for being part of Team Spin Alley…

  • It has to be topical and current. We don’t care about what happened last week, we want pieces about what’s happening now. 

  • Minimum 350 words

  • You can rant, swear and get things off your chest but you must keep your piece light and funny. No one wants to be depressed when they visit The Spin Alley so let’s give them what they want.
If you’d like to get involved why don’t you run your idea past Rachael on rachael@thespinalley.co.uk