Why the BBC should ditch Jeremy Clarkson

TOP GEAR presenter and all round arsehole Jeremy Clarkson has hit the headlines after he was suspended by the BBC following a ‘fracas’ with a producer. It is reported that Clarkson allegedly punched producer Osin Tymon after being told that there would be no dinner for the Top Gear presenters after they finished filming for the show last week.

SIDEBAR: I’m just going to point out the use of the word ‘allegedly’ in that sentence. It doesn’t seem like anyone is particularly sure of what happened and the media are just going nuts over the story because they’ve got nothing better to write about today. So, I’m writing this article based on my opinions if these allegations do turn out to be true. If it turns out it’s a load of horse apples, then please just disregard everything I’ve written below.

This certainly isn’t the first time that Clarkson and co have hit the headlines, and I doubt it will be the last either. Top Gear is certainly a popular show, but one wonders how much the BBC have done to keep it on the air. I don’t have an issue with Top Gear as a show, and I’ve never really cared much about Jeremy Clarkson as a person, but if these reports are true, then is he really someone that the BBC want to stake their reputation on?

Clarkson has been embroiled in a number of controversies in his position as Top Gear presenter. Just last year he had to apologise for using racial slurs in an un-aired Top Gear segment, and almost sparked a riot in Argentina whilst they were there filming after he drove a Porsche with the number plate H982 FKL, which was considered by many to be a deliberate reference to the 1982 Falklands War. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but they both sound like things you wouldn’t really want an ambassador for your TV channel to be doing.

To me, he just comes across as a bit of a twat. I’m all for free speech and people being able to voice their opinions, but I don’t think using racist language or punching people (allegedly) is acceptable. If it’s something you’d be expelled from school for, then surely you can’t be expected to keep your job?

On paper, I should be a fan of Clarkson’s no-bullshit attitude. People who are unwilling to put up with other people’s shit are my absolute favourites, but there’s a difference between speaking up against political correctness and being offensive.

Top Gear has been going since 1988, but was relaunched in 2002 with Clarkson being the only presenter to survive the reboot to a new format. Critics have slammed the BBC in the past for giving Clarkson preferential treatment because of the sheer profitability of Top Gear; the BBC owns the format of the show, which they have sold to 214 different territories. I think Top Gear could do with a fresh new look anyway. Just imagine the internet meltdown if they got someone who wasn’t an old white dude involved…

The show is obviously popular, as a petition supporting the presenter has had over 500,000 signatures from fans who wish to see him reinstated. I saw someone refer to him as a ‘legend’, which is a sure-fire way of recognising a person as a total bellend.

If the allegations turn out to be true, I think the BBC should get rid of Clarkson. He’s done enough over the years to offend numerous groups of people that it’s starting to become a bit ridiculous that the BBC have kept him on. I used to be a fan of Top Gear as a show, but now I just find the three presenters a bit tragic and it just seems like they’re trying way too hard to be funny.

Saying that though, if the BBC do end up sacking him, he’s just going to be snapped up by someone else for another motoring show on a different channel, so there doesn’t seem to be much point. Being fired from one job and then being immediately given another job with a whopping salary does not a punishment make. Presumably the BBC are just taking these steps to make it look like something’s being done, but then everything will go back to normal.

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Iona St Joseph

Written by Iona St Joseph

PR exec who likes finding funnies and cool stuff online. Print journalism graduate.

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