Why she pelted Cowell

It took less than an hour for Natalie Holt to be outed as egg pelter on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent. Whilst we were all laughing at her for being so bloody ridiculous she was apparently staging some genuine protest.

To end world hunger? To stop the exploitation of young acts? To save the rainforest?

No. She was protesting against having to mime and showing how deeply she cares about the power Cowell and reality shows have over the music industry.

Or at least that’s what she’s been bleating on about in The Guardian.

In her piece where she tries to defend her child-like actions, Natalie claims that she has received many messages of support from the well-known musicians that she has worked with in the past. These musicians have contacted her privately though and won’t be willing to express their support publicly because they are all scared of big, bad, Simon.

Yeah and the Queen called us last week to say she enjoyed reading The Spin Alley. 

What we don’t get is, if she feels that strongly about show’s such as Britain’s Got Talent and we shall quote her directly on this one “Like many other young musicians, I studied at educational institutions which I believe truly nurture talent rather than exploit it. However, the industry into which they emerge these days is too dominated by reality talent formats such as Britain’s Got Talent, and real long-term opportunities for talent are stifled. So I felt that, on behalf of musicians everywhere, this is an institution and a man that needed standing up to.” then why did she and her group The Raven Quartet enter the competition last year?

Why not just say no? Especially if she has such an extensive rolodex of music contacts. Not to mention that she agreed to be paid for her performance on Saturday – even if it was a rouse to pelt Cowell with eggs.

If there’s anything good to come from this it’s surely way that British wit showed itself in the form of egg puns. We thought that Twitter as going to EGG-xplode* with excitement.

* shut up, we know, poor attempt.

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Written by Rachael

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