Thursday Showbiz: Gwyneth suggests you don’t yell at your hubby, give him oral sex instead

Gwyneth Paltrow’s media assault this past month or so has been relentless. She’s got a book out, a movie and is the modern day domestic goddess with all her hints and tips.

But this tip we think we could have done without.

In an interview with late night host Chelsea Handler, Paltrow whose married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, told of how she once advised a female friend that oral sex was the solution for women not wanting to argue with their husbands.

The outspoken and well, vulgar host Chelsea (who we love) told the story on behalf of Gwyneth (as let’s face it, blow jobs aren’t really in keeping with her wholesome public image) and stated how she was at a dinner party with the star when she heard Paltrow give the advice to another guest…

Chelsea said ‘The woman was saying “I got into a big fight with my husband and I got home and I wanted to scream and yell” and Gwyneth was like “Whatever you’re doing just do the opposite, just go at him with love and you give him a blow job”.’

We don’t know what’s worse, the fact that the mental image of her and Chris Martin getting jiggy is now embedded in to our brains or that we are dying to ask the question “do vegetarians spit or swallow?”

ACTUALLY, whilst we’re on questions all those wheatgrass shots, how do they work out? We should stop, there are PLENTY of questions we want to ask and none of them good.

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