This Week’s Top Five Stories from The Daily Mail – Tyra Banks Wears a T-Shirt and Hulk Hogan is Back!

1. Tyra Banks posts two photos of herself in Ironic T-shirt accompanied by lyrics to Alanis Morissette hit song

Tyra Banks appears to be arsing around like most people do on Instagram, posting pictures of herself wearing an ‘Ironic’ t-shirt, accompanied by pictures of Alanis Morrisette lyrics.


Due to the fact that the Daily Mail seems to get almost all of their news from celebrities’ social media accounts, this is obviously a breaking story that they need to be reporting on.

They open up the article with a real nail biter, speculating, “Maybe she’s an Alanis Morissete fan.” Other incredible facts we have learnt from this story include the fact that “She appears to be wearing no make up and has on two necklaces.”

Our lives have never felt so enriched.

2. She must like the colour: Ellie Goulding changes from blue gown into matching coat as she flies home from Roberto Cavalli MFW show

Woman wears blue. That is actually the story that they have decided to run. Ellie Goulding wore a blue dress, and then a blue coat.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 09.05.30

Apparently, it was no surprise that Ellie changed into a coat exactly the same colour as she had been wearing earlier in the day, because she loves that colour just so darn much.

3. ‘Words cannot express how excited I am’: Hulk Hogan confirms his return to WWE after six years

Who knew that the Daily Mail were such fans of 80s/90s wrestling?! Nestled in amongst story after story about the Kardashians is this story about the fact that Hulk Hogan is going to be getting back in the ring.

They have obviously only written up this story as Mr Hogan has his own reality TV show, which, as we know, is the Daily Mail’s favourite type of telly.

You can tell that the DM’s usual audience isn’t filled with WWE fans as, at the time of going to writing, the story has had zero comments.

4. Would YOU eat sausages made from BABY POO? Spanish scientists say they boost good gut bacteria – and even taste good

No. Absolutely not. Stop being so ridiculous.

Apparently Spanish researchers believe this could be another way to get healthy bacteria into the body. We’re not so sure.

5. So, would you let YOUR 16-year-old marry the barman she met on holiday? These parents did and it’s tearing their families apart

Ah, it’s good to see that the Daily Mail are being as judgemental as ever, and it’s nice that parents want to add to the distress that’s tearing their family apart being featured in an article on the most visited news site in the country.

Wedded bliss awaits!

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Iona St Joseph

Written by Iona St Joseph

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