This Week’s Top Five Most Ridiculous Stories from The Daily Mail – Monday March 17th – Breaking Celebrity News

1. He’ll be there for her… when the rain starts to pour! Chilly Jennifer Aniston holds hands with Justin Theroux on SECOND date night in a row

Two very busy celebrities, who haven’t been seen out together for two months (probably because they don’t want to be followed by paparazzi everywhere they go) have been seen out together two days in a row.

According to the Daily Mail, fans of the high profile couple are going to find the fact that they went out together twice ‘thrilling’.

Apparently, the one thing that didn’t change about the couple was “their grumpy demeanour”. As all photos appear to be taken in just two locations, it’s hardly surprising that their facial expressions are the same, as they appear to have been taken in two one-minute windows. And we know we’d have way more than just a grumpy demeanour if DM paps were following us about.


2. Phew, that was a close shave! Amy Childs and Lisa Snowdon wear similar red and nude dresses as they attend TRIC Awards

On Tuesday, two celebs faced what the Daily Mail describes as a “nightmare”, in that they wore slightly similar dresses to the same event.

Despite the fact that the only similarity between the two dresses is that they share a similar colour scheme, the DM seem to have been able to write a full article about the fiasco.

To save you having to read this fascinating story, it’s just some boring blurb about each dress and then quickly moves on to the fact that Amy Childs has been romantically linked to former cricketer Darren Gough.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.36.32

3. Must have been a VERY good workout! Nikki Reed and Julianne Hough hug it out as they leave the gym

Two friends hug it out saying goodbye after a stint at the gym. A practise that is totally normal to most people, but the DM has chosen to ham it up as if something monumental has happened.

They also refer to the pair as “sweat drenched gym rats”. I’m not sure I’ve seen any two looking less sweat drenched in my life.

Some of the captions the DM chooses for their pictures are just cringeworthy. Most of the time, it’s like they’re a parent trying too hard to be ‘cool’ in front of their kids.

The caption for this particular is, “Going by Julianne’s shocked expression perhaps she had just received the President’s excruciating Funny or Die video.”


4. That’s a Stark look! Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage steps out with family… and his very own direwolf

The Daily Mail are either being really annoying, or they haven’t ever seen Game of Thrones, because Peter Dinklage’s dog looks NOTHING LIKE a Direwolf. Apart from the fact that they are both, you know, canines.

I’m still not clear on why the DM insist on using ‘stepping out’ every time they need to refer to a celebrity going anywhere that isn’t their house. Anyone care to enlighten me?


5. ‘I’ve never hidden my sexuality’: Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn comes out as gay

Another smashing story on the Daily Mail, this time about an actor’s sexuality. I still struggle to get my head around why it still counts as news when a celebrity reveals they are gay, but it’s clearly great fodder for the DM’s sidebar of shame.


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