This Week’s Top Five Most Ridiculous Stories from the Daily Mail – March 5th 2014: This Week, Women Do Things

1. She knows how to keep them quiet! Victoria Beckham treats Harper and Cruz to an ice-cream during Westfield shopping spree

The Daily Mail are trying to reach out to busy mums here, by comparing them to Victoria Beckham, and patronising them by commenting on how easy VB seems to find it keeping her children in check as she goes on a shopping trip.

The trick is just to buy them an ice cream. Then, not only are you keeping the kids happy, but you’re also giving the Daily Mail more than enough fodder for a breaking news story.  Combine that with some seriously shoddy pictures and everyone’s a winner.


2.You’re in LA remember! Kelly Brook covers up in a chunky jumper, scarf and leggings for lunch in West Hollywood

Despite the fact the Daily Mail are commenting on the weather in LA from their dreary London office, they seem to know what is appropriate attire for somewhere 5,000 miles away with a totally different climate.

Leggings hardly count as a barrier against the cold. We doubt that Scott of the Antarctic went out battling the conditions in a pair of Topshop’s finest stretchy legware, and we’re not entirely sure that the scarf that Kelly is wearing would’ve made a real difference either.

So, ‘woman dresses appropriately for weather’ would probably have been a better headline.


3. Amy Poehler is  grabbed by FIVE actors at Oscar bash and turned upside down… as boyfriend Nick Kroll is nowhere to be seen

The DM have managed to make it sound like actress Amy Poehler is having some sort of Oscars themed orgy with five men behind her boyfriend’s back.

Realistically, it’s just loads of celebrities larking about whilst a bit pissed at an Oscars party.



4. Bad hair day Anna? Ms Wintour’s iconic stiff bob gets the windswept treatment at Paris Fashion Week

Even the editor of US Vogue isn’t impervious to the elements, as Anna Wintour’s signature bob gets blown about slightly in the Parisian wind.

As you’ll know by now, this is the perfect subject to warrant an article on the Daily Mail’s website. It also gives them the opportunity to scrutinise her hairstyle, and just quote content from the Schwarzkopf website about it to make up the rest of the word count.


5. Down to earth Alessandra Ambrosio takes charge of her own luggage trolley as she jets back to LA from Paris Fashion Week

Yet more fascinating content, in that a woman pushes her own luggage trolley at the airport. Wow.

Not only does she manage to undertake the arduous task of pushing a suitcase and two bags, she also manages to make a phone call AT THE SAME TIME!

Say what you like about women, but we sure can multi-task.



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Iona St Joseph

Written by Iona St Joseph

PR exec who likes finding funnies and cool stuff online. Print journalism graduate.

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