This Week’s Top Five Most Ridiculous Stories from The Daily Mail

1. Goldman Sachs memo insists its employees don’t work on weekends – except for Sundays (and, of course, some Saturdays)

Unbelievably, Goldman Sachs has apparently ‘banned’ its bankers from their offices between Friday nights and Sunday mornings.

Who has to be told NOT to work on a weekend?! Goldman Sachs are probably just covering their backs after the story came out about an intern dying as a result of the fact that he never left the office.

However, it’s not all fun and games, junior bankers are still expected to check their Blackberries on a regular basis. Sounds like a total blast. Where do we sign up?!


2. The Kate effect strikes again! Like the Duchess of Cambridge, more than half of British women haven’t changed their look for FIVE years

The Daily Mail are shocked that more than have of British women haven’t changed their look in FIVE years!

Why should they? If they’ve found a look that they like, then surely it’s surprising if they do change.

Also, Kate Middleton got that fringe cut in earlier this year, so their tenuous link to the Princess of Cambridge is, in fact, incorrect.

Kate Middleton-1460864


3. I’m proof older women CAN work in TV, says Kay Burley, 52, as she marks 28 years in front of the camera

For some reason, unknown to us, Sky have made the decision to extend Kay Burley’s contract for another five years.

For once in our life, we’re speechless. In the top 100 worst news presenters of all time, Kay Burley would probably take the top spot. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US, SKY?!



4. ‘I always follow Coco Chanel’s rules when it comes to jewellery’: Coleen Rooney launched latest accessory range for Littlewoods

Coco Chanel would be turning in her grave if she knew that Coleen Rooney was using her rules for style to help with designing her Littlewoods jewellery range.

WAG Coleen apparently like to repeat Chanel’s mantra, ‘’When accessorising, always take off the last thing you put on”, to herself whilst she’s designing her Littlewoods collections.



5. Tress stress: Kate Moss has a hair-raising moment in the wind as she leaves the salon with brighter locks

Our favourite Daily Mail non-story of this week, Kate Moss happens to step into a mild gust of wind when leaving the hair salon. How the Daily Mail has managed to make this into a story, no-one knows.

Amazingly, the article has drummed up 14 comments, including insightful gems like ‘I think she always looks a bit rough’. Thanks for that, Tracy from Ledbury.




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Iona St Joseph

Written by Iona St Joseph

PR exec who likes finding funnies and cool stuff online. Print journalism graduate.

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