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And what a week it’s been! We couldn’t decide which political tit bit to delve into this week with our usual dose of sarcasm and snark so we’ve resorted to this rather handy round-up of this week’s political happenings. FYI – you couldn’t pay us to try and negotiate our way around some of these minefields…

Life for a…?

Well, who knows these days. Those clever clogs at the European Court of Human Rights (a very important place with a very important job but still) have decided that life prison sentences without review are unfair – so we can’t hand them out any more. In a country where life imprisonment already has things like ‘minimum terms’ and many people still view it as a compromise and want to see a return to the death penalty (well in Derbyshire at least) this may be too much to ask. Some of our most dangerous criminals could legitimately be freed thanks to the ruling – although it’s not going to happen any time soon if at all.

Cameron has already criticised the decision and it’s not the first time he’s locked horns with the ECHR – the long drawn out exclusion of hate preacher Abu Qatada has also been a sticking point recently. It’s early days on this but one thing’s for sure – it’s not going away this time.

Red Ed Looks A Little Green

The Unions are revolting! As in a rise in rebellion not causing feelings of disgust…actually no, it works both ways.

We reckon poor Eddie Milliband is feeling a bit queasy this morning as the third largest union in the country, GMB,  has warned of a massive cut to funding to the Labour party from its members. We’re not naive enough to think politics isn’t without it’s corruption and back hand payouts and sort of admire the way Ed has stood up to the Union bullies who have gotten a bit too big for their boots since the parties humbler beginnings. But these warnings feel a bit insincere to us – the influence GMB and others have under the current system is far too much and senior Labour party figures have praised Ed for pushing forward with changes Tony Blair said he wished he’d made when he was leader.

That’s quite a backing for what could turn out to be quite a battle.

Crabby Down Under

Our favourite sour-faced Aussie has got himself into a bit of bother – again. In a delicious slice of irony (not foam) pie Channel 4 and Exaro news agency secretly recorded Mr Murdoch saying some less than nice things about Operation Eleveden*. He’s now been called before the culture committee of MPs who feel some of the evidence he gave on the subject back in 2011 is at odds with what he said behind closed doors. Shocking.

A News Corp spokesperson said Murdoch ‘welcomes the opportunity’ to meet with MPs again – although this time he won’t have bodyguard turned ex-wife Wendi on hand to fend off any more pie attacks.

We wait with baited breath to hear how slippery Rupe’ will weasel his way out of this one…

*That’s the one about suspected illegal payments by journalists to public officials for information not the more glamorous phone-hacking scandal which boasts Hugh Grant as poster boy.

No More Page Tri

No, we’ve not spelled three wrong – that’s the Welsh word for it. Always learning with us aren’t you?

The campaign takes a big step forward today when the Welsh Assembly will debate the issue in the Senedd thanks to AM Rebecca Evans. She’s already got the support of First Minister Carwyn Jones and the debate will certainly move the campaign, we hope, in the right direction.

As we said last week, Wales is all for leading the way on issues like this and is more open to change, it seems, than Westminster. At least if the reaction to Caroline Lucas MP’s No More Page Three t-shirt last month was anything to go by.

You can watch the debate live at 3pm here; we can’t wait.

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