The world is watching Boston whilst in the UK we’re waiting for Panda’s to get it on

With all eyes watching the terrible events unfolding in the US you’d be forgiven for blocking out any other news. But in the UK we’re waiting for Tian Tian and Yang Guang to get it on.
The two Giant Panda’s currently at home in Edinburgh (not really the place where you expect a Panda to thrive) are getting reading to mate as their annual 36 hour window of opportunity approaches. We know what some men are thinking, 36 hours in a year isn’t half bad right?

The zoo said that the “love tunnel” (stop it!) separating  female Tian Tian and Yang Guang, could be opened to exploit their extremely tight 36-hour breeding season. Tian Tian and Yang Guang will meet up three times a day for 15 to 30 minutes when scientists believe the time is right – adding further evidence that romance is actually dead. 

Experts claim that Tian Tian is now ready to accept the advances of the male because of her grumpy behaviour and loss of appetite – note this same tactic should not be applied to the female human. 
Tian Tian and Yang Guang whose names translate as as Sweetie and Sunshine – have been under close supervision as their breeding season approaches. Tian Tian’s sexual hormone levels have been measured daily to predict when they might peak. Usually the Panda’s are kept apart because as a breed they’re naturally territorial and there are fears that they could attack each other – the perfect environment for raising a baby panda don’t ya think?
In a gesture of politeness and to stop the beady eyes of Panda Pervs, the “panda cam” which beamed live images of their enclosures over the web was switched off several days ago.
Iain Valentine, the zoo’s director of giant pandas, said that the pair had been “communicating heavily” through a grate in a short tunnel which divides their enclosures inside a linking building; when they are sufficiently familiar with each other again, that gate will be opened.
According to the Guardian:
The pair were loaned to the zoo for 10 years in a deal including a $1m (£653,000) per year fee to the Chinese, as a diplomatic gesture to cement the increasingly close economic ties between China, now the world’s second largest economy, and Scotland.
In addition to the £653,000-a-year loan payments, the zoo has to specially import bamboo by air from Amsterdam, while spending more on staff costs, equipping and maintaining the pandas’ £250,000 enclosures, and on a major panda-related marketing campaign.
Image via The Daily Mail
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    New post: The world is watching Boston whilst in the UK we’re waiting for Panda’s to get it on

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