The Week’s Top Five Most Ridiculous Stories from The Daily Mail

Not a week goes by where we struggle to find ridiculous stories on the Daily Mail. In fact, it’s probably the easiest job in the world.

1. Reese Witherspoon stifles a yawn after a long beach day as she shows off her body in a bikini

Once again we find ourselves asking how this could possibly have been added to the news agenda.



You should be ashamed, DM.


2. Flirty fourth! Bikini clad Kendall Jenner fools around with ‘boyfriend’ Julian Brooks on beach

The first of two Kardashian age-related stories, the DM have managed to make it sound like Kendall Jenner is having an illicit affair with a man that isn’t her boyfriend. Except, instead of saying that, they have just used the word ‘boyfriend’ in inverted commas. Nice.

at 17, Kendall is the second youngest (although not TECHNICALLY)  Kardashian


3. NO-ONE wants to be a millionaire! Christ Tarrant says recession hit contestants reluctant to gamble winnings

This is hardly a surprise. Also, maybe it isn’t the recession that is making them not want to gamble their winnings, perhaps they’re just erring on the side of caution Chris.

You can tell Tarrant’s career is on its way down the shitter, has he is doing ‘ground breaking’ interviews with the DM.


4. Worked up a sweat? Christiano Ronaldo sports a shiny face as he hits the red carpet at a luxury yacht gala

Yet again, breaking news. Seriously. Christian Ronaldo has a SHINY FACE?! There are no words.


Having studied the picture in depth, we’ve concluded he’s just got a bit of a sweat on. Who can blame him, dressed up to the nines in a suit in this heat?!


5. What would Jaden say? Kylie Jenner spotted enjoying a day out with Justin Bieber’s other best friend… rapper Lil Twist.

Yet another age-related Kardashian complaint.

Whilst this story isn’t quite as ridiculous as Reese Witherspoon yawning, Kylie Jenner is 15 YEARS OLD. Now, we can’t quite remember what we were doing at 15 (probably wearing a dodgy corduroy blazer and hanging out at Pizza Hut on the weekends), but it certainly wasn’t being chased around by paps.

Whilst the nature of her family’s reality TV show has forced her into the limelight, it’s a bit inappropriate of the Daily Mail to speculate about her relationships.


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Iona St Joseph

Written by Iona St Joseph

PR exec who likes finding funnies and cool stuff online. Print journalism graduate.

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