The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Stories on The Daily Mail This Week

1. All these women were blooming at six months. So… why is Kate’s bump so tiny?

Well this is total bollocks. They’ve successfully managed to find a picture of Kate wearing a big coat that hides her bump, taken form the front and are now asking why her bump is so tiny.

Then they publish this three days later, where there is some pretty clear evidence of a baby bump.

STFU Daily Mail.

2. Natural Earth Mother Beyonce goes make-up free as she showers Blue Ivy with love at lunch in Paris

NATURAL. EARTH. MOTHER?! If being a natural earth mother involves wearing no slap, then we’re natural earth mothers every weekend, unless we’ve got something worth leaving the house for.

3.‘My ex-girlfriend cooked and ate one of my beloved pigeons,’ reveals bird enthusiast Mike Tyson

Bird enthusiast? To be fair Mike, pigeon has the potential to be quite tasty.

4.How Victoria’s Secret is trying to turn your teenage daughter into a sex object

They’re not. Just teach your daughter some decent values and don’t buy your 15 year old child a thong. EASY.

5. Katherine the (I’m so) Great: A marathon in full make up.
Jan Moir slates Katherine for being more good looking than her. And for daring to wear make-up whilst RAISING MONEY FOR CHARITY.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio looks blissfully happy as he hangs his head out of his limo window to soak up the sunshine

‘Leonardo closed his eyes as he was bathed in the warm sunlight.’ Seriously, people are paid to write this shit?!

7. It’s over! Jason Aldean ‘splits from wife’ months after being caught in a clinch with American Idol flop Brittany Kerr

8. Could bird flu kill off BADMINTON?

Apparently shuttlecocks are made from Chinese duck feathers. Why don’t they just use the plastic ones like we did at school? Then you can have all the fun of badminton, without the potentially fatal respiratory issue.

9. It’s like living in a tanning salon! Family’s agony over neighbour’s solar panels that reflects sunlight directly into their home

Robert Phipps dons some 99p sunglasses from the chemist in order to prove how outraged he is by his neighbour’s solar panels.

Get a grip Robert.

10. Sty-le queen: Lisa Snowdon makes a rasher decision to snuggle up to a micro pig while wearing a designer dress at TLC launch.

As a top model and someone that used to date George Clooney, we’re pretty convinced that THIS is not the highlight of Lisa’s career.

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Iona St Joseph

Written by Iona St Joseph

PR exec who likes finding funnies and cool stuff online. Print journalism graduate.

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    Love this from @ionastjoseph on @TheSpinAlley Top 10 Most Ridiculous Stories on the DM this week personal fav #6

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    By me this week on @TheSpinAlley | The top 10 most ridiculous stories from the Daily Mail OUTRAGE etc.

  • Tom

    You are a fuchsia coat and I am going to have a ‘fracas’ with you. Robert Phipps is my father and, for a start, he doesn’t wear those sunglasses, the photographer brought them round to emphasise the point. You colossal cunt.

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