The Top Most Ridiculous Stories on the Daily Mail From the Last Week :Part 2

1. Multi-coloured swap shop! Helen Mirren wears blue coat and neon pink scarf as she leaves theatre

This is an actual news story. Someone has been paid real life money to write about the fact that Helen Mirren is wearing a blue coat with a pink scarf.

2.‘I lost my virginity with my high school sweetheart’: Porn stars reveal their surprisingly tame – but awkward- first sexual encounters

So you can be outraged by teenagers being able to buy thongs in Victoria’s Secrets, but you’ll willingly publish a story about excellent role models like porn stars. Seems legit.

3. We’re stranded!’: Little Mix are left by the side of the road as a wheel comes of their car on the motorway

C’mon now gals. You’re on the motorway, it’s not Deliverance in the arse end of the American back country. Also, how fucking terrifying is this picture of them doing ‘sad faces’?!

4. Miley Cyrus reveals terrifying moment she saw a ghost while staying at a ‘haunted apartment’

Sure you did Miley. Sure you did.

5.  Worth waiting for! Ella Henderson unveils new demo… and is praised by ‘proud’ X Factor winner James Arthur

You’re not on the X Factor any more. No-one cares. And you would’ve been lucky if you could find anyone that did care whilst you were on the show.

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