I’VE ALWAYS struggled to love the television programme The Apprentice, but this week I made a few discoveries that have led me to hate it.

I can’t stand the spiky-haired, braying gobshites the show attracts and I dislike the format the programme takes. The Apprentice exists to bring out the very worst in people. It’s a get-rich-quick-and-damn-the-consequences show and it brings kids up to think it is absolutely fine to belittle and bully people.

But now to my discovery. The Apprentice was created by NBC and Mark Burnett Productions in 2004 as a vehicle for non other than Donald Trump. At that stage in his life the buffoon was a failed board game salesman with no less than four bankruptcies behind him. Remember Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump: The Game? The list goes on.

The Apprentice allowed Trump to appear on TV and point at people a lot. Somehow the show turned him into a figure of authority and, even though he was appearing on reality TV people started investing in the Donald Trump myth.

Now, the really scary part is that the Brillo-haired bigot has wangled his way into being the presumptive Republican candidate in a real-life Presidential election.

The Apprentice really is dangerous. It has the ability to turn would-be entrepreneurs into potential world-leaders. Only in America! Trump single-handedly dismissed the complex issue of Mexican immigration by saying ‘They’re rapists’. I would feel much safer in my bed if Donald Trump had remained a failed board game salesman.

Another wannabe who crawled her way up through The Apprentice is the utterly vile Katie Hopkins. Without the show we could have left her safely behind, beavering away as a Met Office brand consultant (whatever one of those is). There is nothing that woman will not say to gain attention. And I didn’t realise until now that Piers Morgan had been an Apprentice finalist on two different continents now – enough said.

YOU can tell there’s a bank holiday approaching. Great Western Railway, formerly First Great Western, has announced that all trains between Bristol Temple Meads, Bristol Parkway, Gloucester and Severn Tunnel Junction have been cancelled over that weekend because of rail works.

It looks like the great British bank holiday get away will lead to the usual gridlock on the M5 then. Not that I’m a fan of the train anyway. The last time I enquired about a standard return ticket from Cheltenham Spa to Edinburgh Waverley they wanted the best part of £300 off me. I flew EasyJet from Bristol in 45 minutes for £38 each way – and at least I was guaranteed a seat.

I for one, will not be joining the great British bank holiday get away. I’ll retrieve the wind-break from the shed, put it up in the garden and open a bottle of Chardonnay.