Tesco want to pay you to eat healthy…

Urgh. Tesco. As if it’s not already blighting our lives with their incessant buying up of the high street or feeding us horse burgers they now want to snoop in our baskets.

Tesco have decided that they are going to intervene and give out vouchers to shoppers whose baskets contain unhealthy items.

The system will be determined by looking at clubcard data (ergo – spying) to check out what shoppers are buying. They claim they want to play its part in battling the growing obesity crisis and the vouchers will promote a better diet.

Yeah right.

Tesco bigwig Phil Clarke gave an interview to The Grocer and said that: ‘The information provided by Clubcard is invaluable,’.

‘Our customers have told us they’d like help in choosing healthy options, so on an individual level, we want to see whether customers would welcome tailored suggestions for how they could shop more healthily.’ Mr Clarke promised that customers would need to ‘opt in’, rather than being bombarded by unwanted suggestions from the supermarket.

‘We won’t encourage healthier lifestyles by editing choices, but we can influence choice by making healthier options,’ he said.

Since when do we need the likes of Tesco telling us what to buy? Also, isn’t it going to encourage people to stock up on pizzas to be able to get money off vouchers since fruit and veg in the supermarket isn’t cheap!

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