Q. How can you have a baby if you’re dead?

Wow, that’s a tricky one. Anyone got the answer? Anyone?

Ah, yes. You, Texas, in the corner. Please stand up and tell the class your answer.

‘By keeping the woman artificially alive until the baby can be born.’

We kind of wish we didn’t have to crush another part of your soul, dear reader, but crush it we must. That’s EXACTLY what’s going on in one Texas hospital as we speak. A woman is being used as a human incubator against her wishes after the hospital she was taken to after collapsing overruled her family’s pleas with some law they found. We just threw up in our mouths a little bit.

It’s certainly a modern moral conundrum – had Marlise Munoz collapsed before we had such medical advancements she and her baby would most certainly have died. We know that Texas has a very strong anti-abortion stance and apparently feels quite justified in keeping this woman alive to grow a baby they’re not even sure is healthy enough to survive. We also know through Marlise’s family that she, as a paramedic, was strongly against this kind of medical intervention at the end of her life.

Her husband Erick is now suing the hospital for its actions – although in typical Texan style their response has been that they’re following the letter of the law. Well, slavery was once law. It didn’t make it right.

Marlise’s case is an important one for women everywhere. It says that once you become pregnant your life isn’t your own. That your choices won’t be taken into account and that the life of a 14 week old fetus ranks above all else. This baby is causing pain to a family that has lost a mother, a wife and a daughter but that isn’t allowed the decent humanity to grieve for her. The baby may be born with brain damage and other complications as it was deprived of oxygen when Marlise collapsed but more than that it may be born into a family that can’t bear to look at it because of the circumstances surrounding it’s birth.

Women cannot, and should not, be viewed for their breeding potential alone. The hospital is making a decision it has no right to be a part of because Texas is far too behind in it’s abortion laws. Marlise Munoz is dead. Tampering with her body in any invasive way is perverse, unjust and disgusting. In the mix of this is a poor baby with who knows what kind of quality of life ahead of it, if any.

Women are more than incubators, and Marlise Munoz and her family deserve better.

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Written by Angharad

Angharad is a former radio journalist balancing a career in PR with an insatiable writing habit that spans more topics than she can count on her smaller-than-average hands. She's passionate about the media, women's rights and politics with a love of travel, culture, entertainment and all things lifestyle on the side. Interests include prolific online shopping (bit of a reputation in the office), musicals, dinosaurs (be honest, they're awesome) and tweeting anything and everything from @Welsh_PR

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