Public Whip Around Encouraged to Help Pay Starbucks & Amazon’s Taxi Bill…

More than TWO MILLION people are to receive letters from HMRC claiming that they owe £500 because their employee or pension did not deduct enough tax last year.
The tax mistake facing two million pensioners and workers in the UK has come to light as figures have been released by HM Revenue & Customs following its annual review of tax collected via the pay as you earn system. Just call it a friendly whip around to cover lack of tax collected from big corporations such as Starbucks, Amazon and Google.

Whilst many are struggling it seems that coffee giant Starbucks are still to pay any of the tax that they agreed to pay just before Christmas after a row with the government.

It has also just been announced that Amazon paid just £2.4 million tax last year despite £4 BILLION in sales.

Yet the Government are more concerned about getting £500 from pensioners. Go figure!

Elaine Clark, founder of the accountancy firm Cheap Accounting told MailOnline: ‘It’s very hard on people who have budgeted carefully through the year and done their best to stay on top of the finances, to suddenly discover they owe tax through no fault of their own.

‘Understanding your tax is almost impossible for most ordinary people. No matter how diligent you are things can go wrong.

‘What people need to remember that if it’s not their fault and their employer or pension company has made a mistake, then they can fight these bills.’

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    Public Whip Around Encouraged to Help Pay Starbucks & Amazon’s Taxi Bill… | TheSpinAlley via @thespinalley

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