Over 65 and jobless? Don’t worry, Mary Portas will get you work

65 is usually an age which we start thinking about spending our days drinking Pina Colada’s on the beach – no slogging your guts out in a 9-5. 

But retail hero Mary Portas has been given a new job which, will essentially see her launch an employment agency for the over 65’s. 

Because it’s SO easy to get jobs at the moment – regardless of your age. 

Mary’s Jobs for Life will be made by Plum Pictures and executive produced by Will Daws, is one of a number of new and returning factual entertainment series unveiled by Channel 4 on Wednesday.

Mary has clearly given up on saving the high street (after realising it’s a lost cause perhaps) and instead wants to take OAP’s away from messing about like a scene from last of the summer wine and instead send them to do some hard labour – a step the government are going to completely be in support of no doubt. 

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Written by Rachael

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