Nigel Nigel – What is going on? How not to do a media interview

Oh dear, Nigel Farage, is in trouble again. Once again it seems to be about his Euro Expenses but as ever, we will let far loftier folks talk about the ins and outs of what he may have done wrong.

What I am loving though is the car crash interview he has done on Sky News today. He has effectively done what felt like (for his public relations team alone) a 30 min advert on how not to conduct a TV interview when you are being accused of doing wrong.

He sneered at the camera, he shouted at the interviewer, he barked responses without listening to the questions and blamed everyone from “the establishment” right through to what sounded like Ken Dodd. He is accusing The Times of reporting lies and then went on to make the same allegations of Sky News.

After the hour long propaganda piece that Channel 4 gave Farage and UKIP a few weeks ago, where he came across as polished and the “off the record” bits were clearly very rehearsed, I think we all got to see what the actual off-the-cuff Farage is all about. Whilst his PR team will crow that he wears his heart on his sleeve and is straight talking there is no question that he went a bit ranty-ranter.

When briefing people on media interviews it is always wise to try and make your appearance fit with the story you are trying to tell, so answering tough questions about how he is spending money whilst sporting a tan of David Dickenson-esque proportions was never going to look very good.

Some are going to have loved his ranting style but I think the general consensus is that now, when serious questions are starting to be asked, Team UKIP is starting to unravel and there are only so many times they can claim that it is “The Establishment” out to get them.

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Written by Andy Barr

A PR and Marketing waffler of the highest degree. Andy has worked in the media for over 15 years and speaks around the world on digital media campaigns. Always on the look out for lol'fest stories.

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