Last Week’s Top 5 Ridiculous Stories – by The Daily Mail

1. Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood ‘splits from wife just weeks after filming with pretty young US chef’

What the DM are insinuating here is that Paul Hollywood has left his wife for someone he was filming with. However, unfortunately for them, the fact that they were co-presenters does not an affair make.

2.The M Plan: Mushroom-rich diet followed by Katy Perry can help women lose weight without shrinking their bust

Thank you, Daily Mail PhD, what brilliant health advice. What a lot of shite.

3. Real men wear red: Sportsmen who choose to wear the colour are more likely to be winners because they are ‘dressing to kill’

What about really rubbish teams that wear red? Doesn’t the provide some sort of flaw in this theory?

4. Australian MP attacked by a kangaroo while on an early morning run

Now, because he’s ok, we can laugh about this, but this is probably the most stereotypical story we have ever seen. Also, a kangaroo scratching you on the leg because you ran into it hardly counts as being ‘attacked’. Great bit of scaremongering from the DM. GO KANGAROOS.

5. A dangerous liason: lovely swan is grounded after he falls in love with a helicopter after his mate died

A swan has not only lost its mate, but it has been forcibly removed of its right to fly… because its in love with a helicopter. We realise this is for the safety of the swan, but we’re not impressed that this is a love story with a terribly sad ending.

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Iona St Joseph

Written by Iona St Joseph

PR exec who likes finding funnies and cool stuff online. Print journalism graduate.

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