Katherine Jenkins spends £1500 per day on hair & make up

I think that we will all agree that Katherine Jenkins is gorgeous.

Which is why it is so bemusing that she would spend £1,500 a DAY on hair and make up.

How exactly does one spend that much per day on getting their hair blow dried and a bit of slap applied?

Unfortunately for Katherine her high maintenance ways have landed her in trouble with her record company who have  dropped her following a slump in sales and a her ‘diva demands’.

Just five years ago Katherine signed the biggest classical recording deal in history so it’s understandable that she’s gotten a little cocky. However, Warner Music Entertainment are said to have lost not only their patience with the Welsh warbler but also around 2 million pounds.

The mezzo-soprano signed a £5.8m three-album contract with Warner Music Entertainment in 2008 in a bid to try and crack the US market and become a global superstar.

A music industry source said last night: ‘Some estimates say she has lost the record company over £2m. Her record sales are not doing well.

‘£1,500-a-day on hair and make-up and styling is not an outrageous amount to spend on an artist, but only if they are selling lots of records. It wasn’t a motivating factor in the decision to part company, but it was a last straw.’

Katherine is also reportedly angry at the way that she was marketed and promoted so we doubt she’ll lose any sleep over the decision.

As any good celebrity does, Jenkins took to twitter to share her news, writing: ‘Dear friends and fans, yes I can confirm that I’m moving record label. I have reached the end of my 3 album deal with Warners.

‘I’m super excited about where I’m going next but am currently sworn to secrecy… you will of course be the first to know as soon as I can say!

‘This is a happy time for me personally and as an artist so please do not be concerned by nonsense reports in the press. Love you xxx’

That;s good news but we think perhaps a trip back to Neath where she can get a spray tan for a fiver is in order.

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