Geordie Shore use Snapchat to promote series 6

There aren’t many companies or media outlet’s that REALLY get how to communicate with their audience through the mighty power of social media.

But MTV (remember when the M used to stand for music?!) have struck social media gold by employing the controversial mobile app, Snapchat, for its latest promotion.

To promote series 6 of it’s hit show Geordie Shore, MTV is sending exclusive photos and videos to snapchat users. We shudder to think of  the kind of images that are being put out, especially since the app has a reputation for sexting and well, we all know what Geordie Shore has a reputation for.

A TV campaign launched last week showing a Hangover-like series of vacation photos to alert viewers to the campaign. The agency Brand Republic have said that the idea is to show the “cheekier side” of the series.

According to The Drum, Jo Bacon who is MTV UK VP of marketing, creative and publicity has said:  “Snapchat completely lends itself to the creative concept for series six, offering us a direct marketing route to our fans by reaching them on their most beloved devices.”

Bacon added: “Providing even more exclusive and irreverent content to our fans gives them the immediate access to all the need-to-know series information, allowing us to tease storylines and, more interestingly, use the platform as a means of driving real-time tune-in reminders in a period where TV viewing habits are ever changing.

Dare we download?

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Written by Rachael

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