Fish Fingers are Chicken and Cheese Grows On Trees

According to a new study, almost a third of UK primary school pupils think that cheese comes from plants and a quarter of those surveyed thinks fish fingers come from chicken.

Now, what with the recent horsemeat scandal…who can blame them? Their fish fingers (which, if you’ve had a fish finger recently and you are over five, then you’ll be aware that they don’t really represent fish very well) probably are cow, chicken or even pig.

The survey which has been produced to coincide with the BNF’s healthy eating week also showed that 19% of five to 16 year olds questioned didn’t realise that potatoes grew under ground with 10% thinking they grew on bushes or trees.

A spokesman for England’s Department for Education said: “We want to encourage children to develop a love of food, cooking and healthy eating that will stay with them as they grow up.”

The spokesman added that its curriculum reforms would make food and nutrition compulsory for eight-to-14-year-olds, while the new design and technology curriculum would allow teachers to explain food production.

“In addition, the Leon restaurant chain founders Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent have been appointed by the Secretary of State to lead an independent review of school food. The review is looking into what needs to be done to ensure that all pupils develop an understanding of food and nutrition.”

But does anyone ever think that maybe these kids are having a bit of a laugh? Seeing just how stupid their answers can be and then see where they get published? Because whilst we appreciate that the majority of food nutrition instilled in children these days comes from reading the back of a McDonald’s wrapper, we just don’t buy that any child would think that cheese grows on trees.

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Written by Rachael

As well as being Editor here at The Spin Alley, Rachael is also a freelance journalist and blogger covering lifestyle, travel, culture, entertainment, media and online life for online and print publications.

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