Do you know WHO it is yet? Rolf Harris named…

We hope you have your dabber at hand because it’s yet another celebrity to strike off that Celebrity Sex Pest Bingo game which we brought to you back in January.

In what we would describe as the media’s worst kept secret, Australian all round entertainer Rolf Harris has been arrested by police investigating historical allegations of sexual offences.

Today he was FINALLY  named  as the “veteran entertainer” questioned by police in November as part of ongoing investigations into sexual abuse in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Come on…be honest, whose actually surprised? Who thought it could’ve been Bruce Forsyth?  If Twitter is to be believed (which as we found out yesterday, it’s not) quite a few of you are and did.

Harris whose 83, was interviewed under caution after visiting a South London police station by appointment in November 2012. Police also searched his home. He was then arrested on 28 March and bailed until May and as of yet has not been charged.

Although the Metropolitan Police have not formally identified Mr Harris and both Rolf and his agent have declined to comment on the arrest. There’s not really much to say other than admit it, is there?

Although EVERYBODY was aware that the “tie me kangaroo down” crooner had been connected to sexual abuse allegations in November he was not named by official news sources until The Sun newspaper decided to name him today.

Other questioned by Operation Yewtree include “comedian” Freddie Star, Dave Lee Travis,  Max Clifford and Jim Davidson – who all claim they’ve done nothing wrong. 

We wonder who will be next and who will be the first person to write an article calling for the entire BBC to be burned at the stake? 

Image via Coventry Telegraph

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