David Cameron “swans off” to Ibiza

Why is it that each time David Cameron goes on holiday it’s accompanied by the headline that he’s “swanned off”?

Cameron is under fire *again* for “swanning off” to Ibiza whilst the UK is supposedly facing a terror “crisis”. He was seen sipping coffee and god forbid SMILING whilst London police are doing their job and arresting people for the horrific murder that happened in London last week.

Does being Prime Minister mean that you can NEVER leave the country? Seriously? Who wants a burnt out and frazzled PM? One who makes even worse decisions than they do usually?

According to The Daily Mirror, Woolwich locals are disgusted that the Prime Minister has dared to take a break. They told the Mirror…

Kirsty O’Connor, 26, from Charlton, added: “He has gone to Ibiza? That just about sums him up. You would have thought he would have delayed the trip as a mark of respect.
“You only had to see that poor family laying their flowers to see the utter heartbreak of it all. I hope it rains all week.”

And Jack Voller, 56, said: “It shows out of touch he is.” Labour MP John Mann added: “This reinforces the message that this is a part-time government. It’s inappropriate to jet off so soon after what has happened. He should be at his desk, doing his job. He wants to have his cake and eat it.

“I will be in my office tomorrow. I don’t know why he can’t be in his office too.”
What exactly is Cameron supposed to be doing? Running around London, chasing down the perps or perhaps tending to the suspects needs whilst they lay in hospital?

Fellow MP Sarah Champion said: “While the country struggles to come to terms with the vile crime in Woolwich and investigations continue, he has swanned off to Ibiza. People deserve better from their Prime Minister.”

There we go with the “swanning off” again. Can we all just agree that everyone deserves a break? YES, Jack Voller will be in his office tomorrow morning but he’ll also have thirty-one days of holiday entitlement where he doesn’t have the national newspapers taking pictures and vilifying him for taking a break.

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