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Daily Review: Head Transplant’s, Rod Stewart & His Toys

The BBC report on the BBC’s failings. Must be embarrassing settling down to report the news only to have your own employers making the headlines. It has emerged that £25 million had been used to provide payoffs to senior BBC staff made redundant since 2005. MP Rob Wilson has asked the National Audit Office to assess whether the payoffs constituted fraud or criminal wrongdoing.

Daily Mail have said that Frankenstein style head could soon be reality. To think we all laughed at the concept of 90’s film Face/Off, it turns out that head transplants have been trailed on monkeys and could be coming to a human near you soon.

Hadley Freeman has taken offence at the casual ageism aimed at the rolling stones. She writes in The Guardian that “Ah, the oldies. Now here is a complaint I really have no time for at all. Every year people gasp in horror about how many old people are on the bill at Glastonbury, apparently unaware that old people are always on the bill at Glastonbury – so again, NOT NEWS, get over it – for the very simple reason that quite a few old people are in the music business. And why would they not be? Did anyone ever really think Keith Richards would crawl off quietly to Bournemouth on his 65th birthday? If Mick Jagger can survive the embarrassment of the Dancing in the Street video, I think he can surmount the crime – the terrible, terrible crime! – of getting older.”
Makes a great point but we still can’t help but think of wonga advert when it comes to seeing THAT performance.

Rod Stewart is making a documentary for the BBC. Because he is so very interesting.However, he is already refusing to “cross the line” and in Rod Stewarts world that means allowing the BBC to film his model railway. Stewart told the Radio Times: “There are very few places in my life that I like to keep private: that’s one of them, and another is soccer on Sunday morning. Every three years Model Railroader puts me on their cover, which is better than Rolling Stone.”

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Written by Rachael

As well as being Editor here at The Spin Alley, Rachael is also a freelance journalist and blogger covering lifestyle, travel, culture, entertainment, media and online life for online and print publications.

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