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Daily Review: Baby Bumps, Fake Pregnancy and Bitchy Resting Face

Who said the Royal Baby was good for nothing? Coverage of the baby has given Mail Online  its best ever day for unique users with 10.57 million whilst the rest of the UK web traffic to news sites hits 94 million. Maybe we can get back to real news now? Or will that mess with the stats too much?

Hadley Freeman has a bee in her bonnet about Bitchy Resting Face. Saying “But unlike those two misunderstandings, everyone knows BRF started out as a joke. It doesn’t exist. Yet since when has something nonexistent ever stopped anyone from turning it into a thing to make women feel bad about their bodies? Right, cankles?”. We must be totally off the radar because we didn’t even know what bitchy resting face was until we read that piece.

Yay Kate’s got baby tummy. The Telegraph are overjoyed at Kate not attempting to squeeze in to her baby bump in to spanx before stepping out in front of the world’s media. The article has come on the back of the backlash aimed at OK magazine who’ve been busy promoting Kate’s weight loss regime on the front cover. But then what do you expect from any rag that uses Kerry Katona as a columnist.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t complain about their broadband? No? Well, we’ve just solved Netflix problem. They’re upset as subscriber numbers dip below expectations but we’re guessing it is more to do with British broadband connection. Nothing worse than tuning in to a program and waiting for it to buffer.

In a pointless piece of journalism, The Independent sent out Ellie House to fake a pregnancy since the world (note the world meaning the media) has gone “pregnancy mad”. Apparently if it’s not Royal then no one cares about pregnant women. Ellie states “it was abundantly clear that although Kate’s bump could do no wrong, mine would never be right.”

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Written by Rachael

As well as being Editor here at The Spin Alley, Rachael is also a freelance journalist and blogger covering lifestyle, travel, culture, entertainment, media and online life for online and print publications.

  • bigpiratejim

    Hey. are you taking on writers at the moment. I really like the site and would love to get involved. Sincerely, unemployed writer Jim

  • willom88

    Maybe you should first learn to treat those with a different opinion with respect, instead of dismissing them as trolls.
    Good writers always find work and mediocre writers find work by finding out something useful/incriminating about those in a position to give them work. Hence my advise to you: Start digging.

  • bigpiratejim

    If a response to a rather reasonable comment about Dan Hodges being sexist when saying he’s laughing at feminists is “put your vagina away Jim” isn’t trolling; I genuinely don’t know what is.

    Meanwhile I’ve been tracked from one forum to another via Discus by the anonymous willom88 to give me a hard time for disagreeing with his backwards & sexist opinions. Well done.

  • willom88
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