Centrica’s Chris Weston feels the Miliband Effect as he leaves British Gas

Centrica has announced today that its managing director of International Downstream Business is leaving and is off to be CEO of temporary power company Aggreko. The news comes as Centrica initiates a shakedown of its top bosses in light of regulatory pressure and, of course, Milibland and his promises to address the price of energy were he and his merry bunch to seize power in next year’s General Election.

Whilst Ed seems to have convinced no-one that he could fight his way out of a paper bag, let alone fight to get into power, the stock market is still hedging its bets and Centrica’s own share price reflects the challenges that the company may face should Labour win back power.

Centrica is also now believed to be hunting for a new finance director as well as trying to fill Mr Weston’s boots. The news does not appear to have helped their share price in the immediate aftermath.

This may well give a welcome boost to Miliband’s City street cred though as it shows that whilst the rest of the UK laughs away at his nasally ways, the City is taking notice and is listening. Watch out for a Labour crowing session at some point today about how they have the energy companies on the back foot. Oh dear.


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Written by Andy Barr

A PR and Marketing waffler of the highest degree. Andy has worked in the media for over 15 years and speaks around the world on digital media campaigns. Always on the look out for lol'fest stories.

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