Bump and become beer buddies

Budweiser have invented possibly the most ridiculous concept of 2013 – The Buddy Cup.

As if people don’t spend enough time on Facebook already, Budweiser want to merge your online life with that in-bar experience.
As if you want to *actually* be friends with people you speak to at parties?
The Buddy Cup comes with a QR code and a built in chip which connects it to your Facebook profile. So every time you bump cups with some random who, when sober you’d probably not look twice at, they become instant Facebook friends.

The Buddy Cup is the brainchild of Budweiser’s Brazilian division, which is reportedly testing it for use as a promotional item to be handed out at major public events.

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Written by Rachael

As well as being Editor here at The Spin Alley, Rachael is also a freelance journalist and blogger covering lifestyle, travel, culture, entertainment, media and online life for online and print publications.

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