Bowie sings the nationalist blues: Life on deep-fried Mars

David Cameron claimed to have let out “a little cry of joy” after hearing David Bowie’s plea at last week’s Brit Awards for Scots to reject independence. The Prime Minister might be as well getting George Osborne to re-state the Unionists’ case again once this re-working of Life On Mars finds its way north of the border. No word yet on its release date…


It’s a God awful strange affair
For the race with the ginger hair,
You’ve got Cameron saying, “No!”
While the rest of the English say “Go!”
But the Jocks don’t know which way to turn
They keep on talking about Bannockburn
But don’t know if they’ll win or lose
Whether Scotland’s a going concern,
But the debate is a crushing bore
It’s been going ten years or more
It’s conducted by self-obsessed fools
So I ask you to focus on

Drunk Jocks
Fighting in the beer halls
Hoots mon!
Look at those Scotsmen go!
The vote is all for show
Is there life on deep-fried Mars?

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Written by woodstein woodstein

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