Birmingham funeral directors kill for new business – ASA steps in

Every marketer out there has dreamt of taking out the competition in order to win more market share, but no one could have thought this would also spread into the sleepy world of funeral directors, let alone ones that are barely five miles apart.

Step forward Brummy funeral directors C Bastock who complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about an advert it felt was misleading by its nearby rival funeral directors, William H Painter, that claimed it had been operating in the area for over 100 years.

The William H Painter advert declared that it had been “… serving the local community of Birmingham and Solihull for 100 years …”.

Body-burying specialists Bastock pointed out to the advertising watchdog that the business was purchased in 1999 and no office actually existed in Solihul until after 2000, and as such, in their eyes, the whole advert should be classed as misleading.

William H Painter decided to dig through its records and was able to prove that not only had it got sales on its ledger going back to 1909, but it had also consistently operated in the Metropolitan of Solihull from that time and beyond.

Now that Painter has been able to prove that Bostock was cadaving a laugh the ASA has ruled that there was no merits to the accusations.

The official ASA assessment statement handed down in its ruling was as follows,

“We considered that it showed that the business now known as William H Painter, of which LM Funerals had acquired the goodwill, had conducted funerals for residents of Solihull or the area which now came under Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council on a regular basis since 1909. Because of that, we considered William H Painter had substantiated the claim and that it was not in breach of the CAP Code”.

It is not clear to us at TheSpinAlley as to who exactly will be coffin up for the investigation but it is certainly one to keep an eye on. Neither company was available when approached for comment.

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Written by Andy Barr

A PR and Marketing waffler of the highest degree. Andy has worked in the media for over 15 years and speaks around the world on digital media campaigns. Always on the look out for lol'fest stories.

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