Beyonce Loves Her Some Peri-Peri Chicken

Everyone loves Nando’s right?

Well, Beyonce has provided us with one of our favorite stories this week since it was leaked that she managed to spend €870 in the chicken joint.

Seriously, we aren’t joking with you…this is an actual news story and subject of much twitter chatter.

Beyonce clearly had a hankering for some Peri-peri spice after her show in Ireland, and treated her entire crew to a Nando’s meal. Mrs Carter ordered 14 jumbo platters (including two whole chickens and five sides) and seven wing roulettes – receiving a £10 discount at the discretion of the manager.

Why does Beyonce not have one of these famous Nando’s Black Cards? WHY *cries inside at the thought*?!

The best thing about the story (other than there’s a popstar who actually eats) was a comment from a Nando’s spokesperson who said: “Beyoncé lived up to her Sasha Fierce persona when choosing to gamble with Wing Roulette, a platter of 10 wings ranging in spiciness from mild to extra-hot, further proving that there’s no PERi-PERi spice that the Independent Woman can’t handle.”

All that chicken-y protein clearly keeps their wit, sharp.

Tell us, how much have you managed to spend at Nando’s? Or is this a world record?


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Written by Rachael

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