BBC Radio presenter removed off air for being drunk…

There are a few professions where having a drink during the working day is a good idea.

Being a radio presenter is not one of them.

Paula White of BBC Radio Stoke had a few too many beverages before she took to the air on her final show. She managed to stay on air slurring and being rowdy for a good half an hour before bosses intervened.

Returning from playing her first song Paula said “It’s a P-A-R-T-Y because I said so?”


White continued to slur and threw out this classic…“I’ve had a couple of drinks, I’m not drunk. I’m sad…”

A couple of drinks? We think she’s had a couple of bottles!!

Listen and feel that moment where you want the ground to swallow you up.

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Written by Rachael

As well as being Editor here at The Spin Alley, Rachael is also a freelance journalist and blogger covering lifestyle, travel, culture, entertainment, media and online life for online and print publications.

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    Think your Monday is going badly? Take a look at this. BBC radio Stoke presenter removed from air for being drunk

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