11% Of Americans Think HTML Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease

We shit you not.

Despite the study, of 2,392 men and women over 18 by, revealing that 61% think a knowledge of technology is important – that’s the top line we pulled out of the results. We dread to think what HTML would stand for if it were an STI…Hardcore Titular Man Lube? Herpes Twat Minge Labia? *shudder*

But that result wasn’t the only #facepalm the survey revealed. Americans also think the following:

  • That ‘motherboard’ is the ‘deck of a cruise ship (20%)
  • That ‘Blu-Ray’ is a kind of marine animal (18%)
  • USB is the acronym for a European country (12%)
  • A ‘gigabyte’ is a South American insect (27%)
  • ‘Software’ is a comfortable type of clothing (15%)

And our personal favourite:

  • That MP3 was a robot from Star Wars (23%)

America, it’s safe to say we won’t be looking to you for any technology advice from now on. Turning it off and on again is something we can come up with on our own, thank you very much. Also, heads up Silicon Valley – you may be running out of talent fairly soon. You may want to share some of the knowledge you cling on to with the rest of your countrymen. It looks like they need it.

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Written by Angharad

Angharad is a former radio journalist balancing a career in PR with an insatiable writing habit that spans more topics than she can count on her smaller-than-average hands. She's passionate about the media, women's rights and politics with a love of travel, culture, entertainment and all things lifestyle on the side. Interests include prolific online shopping (bit of a reputation in the office), musicals, dinosaurs (be honest, they're awesome) and tweeting anything and everything from @Welsh_PR

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